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Josh Gears

Cumulus Jocks 052Hello Lehigh Valley! Thanks for listening to 100.7 LEV.

I’d like to start off by telling you that I was raised by poodles out in the forest, but my parents and WLEV management told me not to. I was born and raised near Pottsville, PA and educated at Kutztown University where I attended more than one class. After failing to get the job as Chief Wheel Polisher on “The Price Is Right”, I eventually found my way back into radio in Los Angeles. Constant traffic jams at 3AM start to wear a person out, so I made it back to the Lehigh Valley in 2008.

Currently, my wife Alyssa, daughter Aimee and I live on planet earth along with 2 cats who think they are dogs.

Thanks again for listening and I promise we’ll have fun on any day that ends with “y”.

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