100.7 LEV Teacher Salute

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Patrick Regan – Grades 6-8 Spanish at South Mountain Middle School

  • Mr. Regan goes above and beyond for all his student. He may not be teaching a core subject but he’s making an impact by working with kids to make sure they can be working up to there full potential.

Mrs. Quinones – Kindergarten at George Wolf Elementary School

  • She is very patient with the children and makes school fun. My son had her for kindergarten and he is now in 9th grade and still talks about how much he loved her and she made him love school.

Mrs. Baker – 2nd Grade at Steckel Elementary School

  • Mrs.Baker is a phenomenal teacher, she is a natural with the kids, kind, friendly, she goes above and beyond to reach her kids and is always up to do something special and unique with them to make learning fun and so they get the most of their time in school. Her heart is full of genuine love for these kids and it comes naturally to her.

Timothy Anger – K-12 at Emmaus Baptist Academy

  • Always willing to interact and assist in any way needed by any student. Mr. Anger has always been the epitome of a tender hearted loving teacher.

Abigail Hoosier – 5th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts at Alburtis Elementary

  • Mrs. Hoosier is an amazingly kind and passionate teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students everyday! I’m so glad and proud my daughter had the opportunity to be educated by Mrs. Hoosier for the past two years. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Hoosier.

Denise Probasco – 7th and 8th Grade at Pohatcong School

  • I am now a Freshman in High School. But this teacher never stops giving back to her students. She encourages confidence and growth in her students. She gives her students someone to trust and to lean on. She always brings in clothes to give out to students. This fall she found out she has breast cancer and started chemo. She not only embraced the challenge but shows her students every day to fight no matter what and continues to support her students. Even on the sidelines at her students games.

Tara Phillips – Boyertown Area Senior High School

  • Each day Mrs. Phillips demonstrates how to be a successful adult and good American citizen. Her students love and respect her because her class gives them a real world connection with culture and diversity, not only through cuisines, but also through culture and traditions she teaches about that have made our country great. The connections she makes with the students not only educates them on the diversity.

Mrs. Newhard – 5th Grade at Northwest Elementary School

  • She is amazing!

Aimee Loessl – Muhlenberg Junior High Reading Specialist

  • She’s one of the most exceptional reading specialists/substitute you’ll ever come across! She always goes above and beyond day in and day out, and will always lend a helping hand to any student in need.

Lynn Vento – 8th Grade Science at Broughal Middle School

  • Lynn is one of the most self-less and caring educators I’ve ever worked with. She is constantly thinking about our kids and how we can ensure they have all that they need, each and everyday. She regularly spends her own money to purchase winter coats for our students, buy Lanta bus passes for families without cars, and contribute to our school’s Family Center which assists local families in need. Lynn is more than just a teacher- she is a community leader and champion of our kids.

Kimberly Haupt – Kindergarten at Moore Elementary School

  • Mrs. Haupt is such an amazing teacher. She makes learning fun and exciting for my children. She cares for all of her students as if they were her own. It takes a special individual to teach kindergarten and Mrs. Haupt is certainly special. My kids think very highly of her.

Ms. Tyrpak – Art Teacher at Indian Valley Middle School

  • This is her first year teaching at Indian Valley and she is already my favorite art teacher ever! She works so hard and is so funny. She is also very fun because she organized a school-wide Paper Christmas Tree competition. (Lots of construction paper, trees are judged) Thank you so much Ms. Tyrpak!!!!!

Ms. Bowls – 11th Grade English at Abington Senior High

  • She is the greatest teacher and loves Beyonce!

William Gross – K-5 Physical Education at Vernfield Elementary 

  • He is a fun teacher and keeps his students happy while still learning!

Tiffany Sobiech – 7th and 8th grade Phys Ed and Health at Bangor Area Middle School

  • First year teacher who got her degree during the pandemic and is already helping change lives!!

Jennifer Serrao – 5th Grade at Muhlenberg Elementary School 

  • “Thank you for impacting my life so much. I’m so happy to have you as my teacher.”

Mr. Cygan – 9th-12th Catasauqua Senior High School 

  • Mr. Cygan is a wonderful teacher and does so well with the kids in the life skills classroom. He reaches out on his personal time if anything is a concern and also reaches out when there is good news. He is extremely patient and kind and loves teaching. My daughter has had him since 9th grade and he makes a difference in her day to day in school. I am truly thankful for this wonderful teacher.

Ms. Tina Joynes – 5th Grade at Paxonia in Easton

  • Great teacher. Goes above and beyond for her students and their families. She volunteers her time helping tutor students , especially helping her student that was hit by a car and left blind and with some disabilities. She’s a special person.

Alesha Pretopapa – Kindergarten at St. Janes

  • She has four kids of her own and never runs out of patience after coming home!

Mrs. Sarah Hannick – English at Pen Argyl High School

  • Mrs. Hannick is such a supporter of all students. She never misses a sporting event and is proud of her Green Knights win or lose. She also helps with our student section at football games, she manages to teach her classes puts pep rallies together, blood drives and many more school events. She’s the absolute best and I know everyone will agree!!

Mrs. Megan Marra – Kindergarten at Veteran Memorial Elementary School

  • Mrs. Marra is a kindergarten teacher within the Parkland School District. She goes above and beyond every day. Teaching kindergarten in and of itself is difficult, but she makes sure families are always well informed, sending pictures home of students in the classroom, making students feel important every day, and caring about everyone in her classroom. She has endless empathy and patience. My son comes home every day with wonderful stories of activities they have completed in the class.

Ms. Mullen – 6th Grade Math at Memorial Elementary School

  • Ms. Mullen is very helpful and kind , even on a bad day she’s still an amazing .

Jada Whiteman – 2nd and 3rd Grade Physical Education at Steckel Elementary

  • Jada is my daughter who always is trying to help the school with items that help the kids to enjoy physical education class.

Brent Trinkle – 2nd Grade at Perkiomen Valley South Elementary

  • Brent is a not only a wonderful teacher, but an amazing person. The children love him, and he is dedicated to his job and making sure the children not only understand what they are learning, but are having fun while doing it!

Mrs. Theresa Vogel – 2nd Grade at Whitehall Coplay/Steckel 

  • She reaches out to me when my son is having bad days and good days. She truly cares about his learning and behavioral health. She is willing to work with us no matter the problem (school or personality/behavior).

Toni Picerno – 4th – 6th Grade at Lehigh Valley Academy 

  • She is a very dedicated hard working teacher who knows how to relate to the kids. She loves her job and deserves to take care of herself like she does others.

Kimberly Graham – 1st Grade at Ramos Elementary School

  • She is loving and kind to her students and she communicates with the parents. I love that she is my child’s teacher this year!

Miss Mary Beth Kish – 5th Grade at Sheridan Elementary School

  • Miss Kish is a tough but fair and very loving teacher. This is second year teaching my daughter. She goes above and beyond everyday to make sure her students get the very best education possible and makes learning fun. She is truly amazing in everything she does. She truly cares about her kids and wants to see them succeed in everything they do.

Shawn Storm – 7th Grade English at Strayer Middle School

  • Mr. Storm is probably the best teacher you could get. He is very understanding and always wants to know you and how you’re doing as an individual. If he feels or notices something wrong he will want to check up on you. He tells us so many interesting stories and knows how to make class interesting. I’m glad Mr. Storm is my teacher.

Mike Sames – 5th Grade Teacher at Calypso Middle School

  • He is an amazing teacher, helpful with his students while also family oriented! Loves to help and amazing with his neurodivergent students!

Erica Brodhead – Kindergarten Teacher at Lower Nazareth Elementary School 

  • She is an angel on earth. Even with my son being in 1st grade she supports him and our whole family. When I was out on surgery over Valentine’s Day she had the whole class make me hearts and a basket filled with flowers, gift cards, and a teddy bear. My son has learned valuable lessons from her that he will take with him for the rest of his life. Being around her makes you want to be a better person. Her personality & happiness is contagious. She deserves the absolute world.

Janell Hess – Spanish Teacher at Emmaus High School

  • Best teacher EVER!

Jessica Brans – 1st Grade Teacher at Cetronia Elementary School

  • Mrs. Brans is a kind and caring teacher. She goes the extra mile for all of her students whenever she can. She puts extra outside time and effort to support all of her students.