100.7 LEV presents the Falalalympics!!!!

 It’s the zaniest holiday games you’ve ever seen! It’s the 100.7 LEV ‘Falalalympics’ at Christkindlmarkt! Listen to Selena & Crockett at 7:40 to win passes to Christkindlmarkt and qualify your team of two to participate!!!

  1. Christmas Lights Untangle – Each team has a strand of lights that has 50 knots in it.  Two slowest teams are eliminated.
  1. Xmas Tree Undress/Dress –  There are two trees. One decorated, one naked. Team has to transfer ornaments (one at a time) from one tree to the other. Two slowest teams eliminated.
  1. Wreath Toss –   One member tosses a wreath in which the other teammate attempts to catch on a giant candy cane.  Where they catch it determines how many points they are awarded.
  1. Package Unwrap – Each team given an identical boxed wrapped using the same predetermined amount of paper and packing tape.  Using only their hands, the must unwrap the box without breaking it.
  1. Wrap a Pineapple –  Each team presented with supplies to gift wrap a pineapple.  Judges will determine which pineapple wrap job is better after a predetermined period of time.