Nearly Impossible Question

MARCH 2: Ten years ago, doing this lasted 40% longer than it does today… what is it?!

Answer: Talking on the phone

FEBRUARY 28: 21% of people spend their daily ‘me time’ here. Where is it?

Answer: coffee shop

Women are more likely to do this in the presence of a man they find attractive… What is it?!

Answer: Laugh

The average four year old does this about 48 times a day… what is it?!

Answer: Asks ‘Why?”

According to a recent survey posted by Radio Online, over 40% of us admit to doing this when we’re angry… what is it?!

Answer: Eat ice cream

The average person does this 92 times a day or 12 more times a day than they did in 2017. What is it?

Answer: Unlock their phone

40% of men can’t tell you this about their wife… what is it?!

Answer: Their shoe size

When kids were asked what they hate to hear their parents say… The #1 answer was “money doesn’t grow on trees.” What was #2?

Answer: ‘We’ll see’

Believe it or not, there are 6 pounds of these in the average American home… 6 pounds of what?!

Answer: Pennies

The average guy spends $107 on this every year… what is it?!

Answer: Dry cleaning

In a survey, people were asked to describe their spouse in one word. The number one answer was “stubborn.” What was the number two answer?

Answer: ‘Sweet’

25% of people say they have broken a diet with this. What is it?

Answer: Tacos

On average… we spend $6.00 a week on this… what is it?!

Answer: Lottery ticket

32% of people admit they’ve lied to get out of this… What is it?!

Answer: A wedding

According to a survey, 20% of people say THIS is their favorite secret spot to hide money… what is it?!

Answer: In their shoe

82% of women say that a guy over 30 should never wear this… what is it?!

Answer: Earrings

25% of people have stayed in a relationship because they liked this about their partner. What is it?

Answer: Their pets

A study says having this in the office can improve work productivity by 15%… what is it?!

Answer: Plants

Doing this relaxing activity burns 140 calories. What is it?

Answer: Taking a bath