The Most Boring Tourist Trap in Every U.S. State

Tourist traps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are free and some cost way more than they’re worth. Some are roadside attractions that exist solely to lure in unsuspecting travelers, while others are once-enticing fixtures that have lost their luster over time.

But all share one common trait: Their very existence is fueled by continued visits against all reason.

We’ve scoured the U.S. to find the least interesting and most skip-worthy destination in each state and Washington, D.C. We’re prepared for the fact that we’ll anger many locals, and we mean no offense with these choices. It’s likely we included many folks’ favorite detours. But just because you have a fond memory of a place doesn’t mean it’s worth anyone else’s time.

And you can be sure that if it claims to be the world’s “largest” or “best” of anything, it made the list. READ MORE